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We are a collective of illustrators from around the world visualizing the shape and substance of scripture. 

In ages gone by, teams of visual artists and craftsmen would assemble to create illuminated manuscripts that evoked the gravitas and wonder of the gospel. Together they would carefully plan out page design, visual storytelling, and typography to convey meaning and transport the reader into the text.

Following this model, Fish Coin Press functions as a publishing studio, where we work collaboratively to create illustrations for collectible editions of the Bible.

Illustrated Books of the Bible

We're illustrating every page of Bible, one book at a time.

Inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages, we launched Illuminate—our initiative to illustrate the entire Bible one book at a time. Artwork and typography inform each other for a dynamic reading experience on every page. After months of research and planning, each book is taken up by an artist to sketch and illustrate the images. 

The Book of Malachi
The Book of Ruth
The Letters of Peter

Who We Are

There was a time in history when paintings of the Bible were considered high art. They were among the greatest works of their era, adorning sanctuaries and celebrated by society. In order to renew the cultural prestige of Bible art, we believe the Bible must been seen on its own terms. This isn’t about making it beautiful or decorating it with art. The Bible is art. And we want everyone to see it for themselves. 

Our Creators

Why We Do This

When we read, our mind’s eye is influenced by our experiences. Reading the Bible is no exception. We construct images from what we’ve seen: classic paintings, film and TV, or children’s books. Even the doctrine from our church traditions can skew what we conjure up. The pictures that fill our minds while we read aren’t necessarily wrong, but our imaginations are easily stunted by what we’ve been exposed to and the culture we exist within.


We aim to cultivate a new era of illustration, informed by literary scholarship and historical research, that unlocks imaginations and transcends the long-ingrained traditions in biblical art.

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