Today we begin the countdown to Thursday October 28 at 12:00 pm EST, when we launch Illuminate on Kickstarter and begin the adventure of illustrating every page of the Bible, one book at a time. We are making illuminated manuscripts for the modern age, bringing Biblical text together with brilliant artists. The result is a dynamic reading experience to bring out the incredible power of the Bible. Today we are also excited to announce a special reward for those who back the campaign in the first 36 hours. The first 100 backers who pledge on Thursday & Friday will receive both a signature and a sketch drawn by the artist on the title page of one of the books. It's a small way for us to say thank you for joining us at the beginning of this journey. And in case you didn't know, by pledging in the first 36 hours you really do make a special difference to our campaign. Studies show that campaigns are far more successful when they get significant support in the first two days. Early support serves as social validation for others who may be new to our work here at Fish Coin Press. So if you resonate with the vision for Illuminate, if you want to read the scriptures with fresh eyes, if you believe the Bible can be beautiful, if you want to see a new renaissance of Christian art — then join us as we launch THIS THURSDAY OCTOBER 28, at 12:00 pm EST