We recently announced our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, an anthology of illustrated books of the Bible. For this project, we have chosen "Illuminate" as the title.

Literally, illuminate means to light up, to shine a light upon, as by the sun in the morning or by a flashlight in a dark room. Metaphorically it has the sense of bringing clarity or understanding. And theologically it is the work of Christ, whose incarnation, death, and resurrection, brought the full revelation of God. “The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world” (John 1:9). We aim to do all of this in our illustrated books: to bring vivid light and color to the Biblical text, to use the illustrations to bring out its meaning, and to highlight the revelation of God in the saving work of Christ.

Illuminate also is a reference to the art-form of “Illuminated Manuscripts,” which were Biblical and liturgical texts hand written and illustrated in the high middle ages. First developed in monasteries around 1100, these manuscripts incorporated illustrations directly on the page of the text, allowing the typography and the visual figures to inform one another. The point was not only adornment; it was also to help readers interpret and understand. The visual was both beautiful and theological.

"Book of Hours" Photo: Les Enluminures, Ltd.