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Adaptation of Daniel 7:7-8 + Commentary by Anderson Carman


The Fourth Beast was the most difficult to design by far since it was described as “different from all the others” and “terrifying”(Daniel 7:7). The passage goes on to describe teeth, claws, and a number of horns. Unlike the first three beasts, it is never compared to any known creature. So I decided to hang my hat on the word “different”.

The ten horns are meant to look like a crown of brambles, a thorny ugly mess. I very intentionally did not have any of the horns branch, as that would make them antlers and the zoology nerd in me was set on keeping this accurate.

One oddity in the Fourth Beast was the Horn that uproots all the other horns. I initially did this illustration which I quite liked of the large horn that displaced three of its predecessors. But Jared caught me with a reread of the scripture that the horn is actually “a little one.”

The face on the horn was tricky as well. The scripture only says that it had eyes and a mouth, so I kept it as simple at that. No ears, nose or chinny-chin-chin. And since the horn and beast is considered to be an embodiment of Rome, I decided to shape the tiny horn like a Roman helmet crest.

I wanted this creature to look like nothing you have ever seen. It was clear that Daniel is an eloquent writer, capable of describing terrifying creatures and bizarre sights, but he was at a loss for words when he was faced with this abomination.


A REIGN OF BEASTS is our comic adaptation of Daniel 7 illustrated by Anderson Carman. Now Available.


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