Illustration by Jared Boggess for Elijah's arc in Kings

Have you ever read a book before seeing the film adaptation and found yourself disoriented by the casting or art direction? In some way it didn’t line up with how you imagined it when you were reading it yourself?

Or vice versa. You saw a movie, enjoyed it enough to go read the book, and found yourself placing those actor’s faces on all the characters you were reading in the book? The way it was adapted deeply impacted how you experienced the reading. In a certain sense, it stunted your ability to imagine the book yourself.

I had a conversation recently that’s had me thinking about this dynamic in relation to illustrating biblical literature and the work we do at Fish Coin Press. I've been wondering, "How do we bring the Bible to life without stunting the reader’s imagination?" But when I ask myself this question, I realize it's too late. It has already happened to us.