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Jonah: Mercy Unfathomed

Jonah: Mercy Unfathomed

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The Book of Jonah

Illustrated by Matt Chinworth

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    The story is well-known of the prophet Jonah running from God‘s command and ending up swallowed by a massive fish. But what is often missed in this fable-like adventure, is that even after Jonah follows through and convinces the city of Nineveh to repent, he insists on his version of justice. Illustrated by Matt Chinworth, Mercy Unfathomed challenges readers to consider the depths of God’s love in The Book of Jonah.


    • Part of Illuminate—our series illustrating the entire Bible one book at a time.
    • Illustrations on every page informed by scholarship and historical research to depict meaning.
    • Intentional design and typography guides readers through literary themes without distraction.
    • WEB Translation
    • Smyth-sewn binding allows 6 by 8 inch pages to open wide
    • Printed on 80 lb uncoated art paper with a 12 pt smooth matte cover


    ISBN 978-1-7362006-6-7