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BEHOLD: The Resurrection & The Life • 7-Card Pack

BEHOLD: The Resurrection & The Life • 7-Card Pack

SKU: FCP20-15

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Collect all 36 trading cards on the mysterious hope of resurrection.


Each premium-sized card is a complete study guide with contemplative art, commentary and reading guide.

  • INFO

    BEHOLD are trading cards designed for contemplative Bible study.

    Gather cards and experience the thrill of building your personal collection from blind booster packs. Master the study material on each card to cultivate greater understanding of Bible verses. Give away or trade cards to encourage others and inspire discussion.

    • each pack comes with 7 randomized cards 
    • premium-sized at 3.5 x 5 inches
    • each card includes original art, a Greek or Hebrew word study, commentary and relates passages
    • 36 cards to collect in "The Resurrection & the Life" theme set!