BEHOLD: The Resurrection & the Life • Booster Pack • 7 Assorted Trading Cards

SKU: FCP20-15


  • The resurrection of Jesus was not an isolated event. Through the illustration and word studies of BEHOLD, contemplate the mysterious hope of resurrection woven throughout the Bible.

    BEHOLD are trading cards designed for contemplative Bible study. Each card highlights a single passage with an original illustration and then examines a word from the original Greek or Hebrew text, exploring its significance across numerous related passages.

    • each pack comes with 7 randomized cards 
    • premium-sized cards at 3.5 x 5 inches
    • 36 cards to collect!
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Fish Coin Press is an illustration-driven publisher of comics, books and collectibles that explore what's often overlooked in the Bible – its value as a work of literary art.


In April of 2020, we crowdfunded BEHOLD cards and our illustrated edition of The Gospel of John. For release info and updates on our next projects, join our email list below.

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